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Canadensis is registered Canadian charity. Donations are tax deductible. A tax receipt will be sent for all donations.

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We Have the Opportunity to Improve Our Quality of Life, and We’re Doing Something About It!

Canadensis: The Garden of Canada will offer a unique place to celebrate our great natural heritage and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to sustainability in the context of climate change.

Ottawa is the only G20 capital that has no botanical garden to display, interpret and promote Canada’s botanical diversity and beauty, as well as Canada’s vast horticultural, agricultural and arboricultural knowledge and expertise.

All life depends on plants. Botany matters. In today’s world, where environmental systems are increasingly interdependent, living plants are literally the “lungs” of the planet.  They provide all of our food directly or indirectly. Plants provide most of the medicine used throughout the world as well as the building of raw materials and sources of many kinds of products, many of which we have yet to recognize or develop. Plants beautify and enrich our lives and give peace to our souls and facilitate our ability to envisage a more complete and richer future.

Most Canadian Botany in One Location

Our garden will have the most plants from all parts of Canada in one location, for the purposes of education, research, conservation and public enjoyment. Plants will be curated and cared for as a collection in a living museum.

Education in Environmental Stewardship

In cooperation with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Arboretum, The Fletcher Wildlife Garden, and the Central Experimental Farm, Canadensis garden will be a public showcase for relevant research underway for our changing times.

With our orderly and diverse collections of plants and extensive education programs, we are ideally positioned to make major contribution to our lives and to help us envisage the future.

Sustainability and Enrichment

Sustainability and enrichment will be driving values for our Children’s Garden, Climate Change Lab, Economy Garden, Conservatory, Garden Design lab, Urban Agricultural exhibits and many more…

A Place to enjoy and rejuvenate

Gardens have the ability to heal our spirits in troubled times and to lead us to envisage a brighter, positive and productive future, as we pursue our busy lives in the midst of ever-competing demands of the modern world.

Jobs and Economic Benefits

Construction of this major infrastructure project will give a measurable boost to the construction industry. Once operational, the Garden will be a destination asset in Canada’s Capital, creating many permanent and seasonal positions within the site. The total economic and tourism spin offs to the National Capital area will be significant. 

Of Interest

Happy Canada Violet Day

Happy Canada Violet Day

Why not look for a Canadian Violet on Canada Day? This activity can be safely undertaken during a pandemic. The Canadian Violet is a breathtaking perennial with blossoming white petals. Many of the upper 2 petals are tinged with purple and cupped by heart-shaped basal...

Have You Seen the Blooming Anemone Canadensis Yet?

Have You Seen the Blooming Anemone Canadensis Yet?

The Canadian Anemone is a gorgeous, spring-blooming herbaceous perennial, native to North America. It’s easily identified by an impressive cluster of upward-facing white flowers. Their bright yellow center sits on stalked, elongated branches, bending a bit too easily...

Tips to Enhance Your Stuck at Home – Life Balance (Part 2)

Tips to Enhance Your Stuck at Home – Life Balance (Part 2)

PATIENCE: Newly-installed plants need time to establish their roots, and need extra water and weeding for the first while, especially trees. If your garden disappoints this year, next year and the years after will be better as it matures.

This is Ottawa’s chance to add a city-improving enhancement that will attract tourists and residents year round. Let’s seize the moment.

- Randall Denley

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