A Company of Fools presents HAMLET @ Canadensis – POSTPONED FOR 2022

Performance Update from A Company of Fools

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
Despite our best efforts, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to cancel our upcoming tour of Hamlet in its entirety. Due to reasons both within and outside of our control, mounting the show in a way that lives up to the standard our audiences deserve has proved impossible at this time. We are so sorry to all of you who were looking forward to seeing Hamlet; we were equally excited to share it with you, and are heartbroken that it cannot happen this Fall. To everyone who has stuck with us through these tumultuous past few weeks, we extend our deepest and most sincere gratitude.

But, all is not lost – you didn’t think we’d let a good wig go to waste, did you? All of the Hamlet fixings will be stored safely, and wait patiently to make their big debut. We’re already deep in the planning details and commitments for 2023, but we will continue to look for opportunities to reanimate Hamlet when the time is right. In the meantime, keep us in your thoughts as you will be in ours; we look forward to the day when we can once again meet under the setting sun to party like only Fools can. ‘Till then, Fools fans.

All dates for Hamlet, presented by A Company of Fools at Canadensis have been cancelled. We apologize for the late notice and any inconvenience this causes.

Friday, August 12

A Company of Fools presentation of the Tempest
7–8:30 pm | pay what you can

A shipwreck. A deserted island. A man with a 12 year-old grudge.
Betrayal. Revenge. Magic. And a little bit of power imbalance thrown in for good measure.

Welcome to The Tempest.

Join The Fools as we take on Shakespeare’s story of freedom and redemption.
6 actors. 90 minutes. 

Duke Prospero, or should we say ‘ex’ Duke Prospero has been waiting for this moment for 12 long years. Overthrown from power by his very own brother, he has been rehearsing this encounter every night as he fell asleep on the deserted island he found himself banished to.

But, as the ship bearing his arch enemies draws closer and closer, will Prospero reclaim his rule, or falter when new enemies emerge?

Learn more about The Tempest & A Company of Fools here. 

Saturday, August 13

Meet the Garden Installation Artists and tour the site

Meet the Garden Installation Artists and tour the site

See the Roaming Garden Wheelbarrows & vote for the best display

Display & Sale of Fine Garden Art & Garden Themed Art
by Ottawa Artists from the Foyer Gallery

    Bette Belanger
    Claude Bélisle
   Céleste Charland
    Terry Cowan
    Heloise Doucet
    Carole Ince

Bette Belanger – Out Stretched Pine

Jesse Stewart – Row On Row

Sunday, August 14

Picnic in the garden and walk-about

Enjoy a walk in nature at Canadensis.
Trees, flowers & the Artists’ Gardens
Garden Art Installations include:
 Mitigomij and the Ancient Oak
    Erratic Grass
    Row by Row
  Prismatic Grass
    BeeHaven Pollinator Garden
    Red Stiletto Garden
    Sun Shelter

Canadensis is a proud partner of the Ottawa Garden Festival

The Ottawa Garden Festival is here! August 12-21, 2022
Inaugural Ottawa Garden Festival celebrates Ottawa’s Garden Culture

The nation’s capital proves its ardour for all things floral when the Ottawa Garden Festival spotlights over 75 public gardens and garden activities from August 12 to 21. The 10-day event, which makes its debut during the Year of the Garden, welcomes residents and visitors alike with a vibrant mix of activities in the city’s centre and across the surrounding urban and rural landscape.

“It’s an exciting time as in-person events resume across Ottawa,” says the Hon. Mona Fortier, Member of Parliament for Ottawa–Vanier. “The Government of Canada is pleased to provide funding to Gardens Ottawa to support Ottawa’s first Garden Festival. This celebration of Ottawa’s incredible gardens and gardening culture will instill pride in our city and promote greater tourism in the National Capital Region by showcasing the positive impact of gardens and gardening on our environment and wellbeing.

Find out more about The Ottawa Garden Festival and Festival Events here. 

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