A Company of Fools presents « LOVE FROM AFAR » @ Canadensis!

 A Company of Fools presents LOVE FROM AFAR @ Canadensis!
Thursday, September 2nd @ 7pm
Friday, September 3rd @ 7 pm
Saturday, September 4th @ 2 pm & 7 pm
Advance tickets are a must. COVID-19 health protocols are in effect.
Get yours HERE through Eventbrite. 


Love From Afar: a collection of Shakespeare’s greatest hits woven together by the story of three friends discovering the meaning of love.

What do you do when you can’t remember what love is? Grieving the loss of his wife, one man turns to his friends to help him recall the elusive, indescribable, undeniable thing that we all know as ‘love’.

But, what happens when the two friends he’s called upon have very, VERY, different answers?
Using stories with star crossed lovers, a woman in disguise, moody prince, grouchy king, and even a talking wall, the three friends try to answer the age-old question: Love, what is it?

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