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Have You Ever Tried Buffaloberry Ice Cream?

The flowering season has passed for Canadian Buffaloberry, but as the summer winds down, keep an eye open for its distinctive orange or red fruits. Buffaloberry – Shepherdia canadensis – is a deciduous shrub, growing 1-3 metres tall with erect to slightly spreading...

Appui inconditionnel au projet Canadensis

J’aimerais apporter mon appui inconditionnel au projet “Canadensis - Le Jardin du Canada”, projet élaboré et soutenu par la “Société du Jardin Botanique Canadensis” depuis de nombreuses années déjà. Comme vous le savez, le Canada est l’un des rares pays au monde et...

Canada Goldenrod: Much Maligned and Misjudged

The Canada goldenrod is scientifically known as Solidago Canadensis. Other common names of the flower are Giant Goldenrod, Tall Goldenrod, and Rough. The plant has a bad reputation for causing allergy symptoms during the summer. However, the culprit for hay fever...

Upcoming Events

Due to Covid-19, our planned events did not take root. We are re-planting in the right soil, some in full sun, some in the shade, and will water and nurture them appropriately.


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