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Happy Canada Violet Day

Why not look for a Canadian Violet on Canada Day? This activity can be safely undertaken during a pandemic. The Canadian Violet is a breathtaking perennial with blossoming white petals. Many of the upper 2 petals are tinged with purple and cupped by heart-shaped...

Have You Seen the Blooming Anemone Canadensis Yet?

The Canadian Anemone is a gorgeous, spring-blooming herbaceous perennial, native to North America. It’s easily identified by an impressive cluster of upward-facing white flowers. Their bright yellow center sits on stalked, elongated branches, bending a bit too...

Where We Are Going

"Do you know where you are going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you?"  ~Diana Ross, 1975 Seems there is a lot of angst out there. A Christmas letter that we received just a week ago ended with the following, "We begin a new decade with some fear...

Upcoming Events

Due to Covid-19, our planned events did not take root. We are re-planting in the right soil, some in full sun, some in the shade, and will water and nurture them appropriately.


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